I'm Derek Marshall and I'm running for Congress in California's 23rd district.

The High Desert needs change; prices are soaring and wages are dropping. I've felt the sting of a broken system, living paycheck to paycheck and watching loved ones suffer from our for-profit healthcare system.

I'm an organizer and a community activist, and I'm running to fight for justice, equality, and progress.I grew up valuing community service, helped found a global research initiative with the UN, and gained insights into effective social programs while working internationally. After seeing the contrast between European social safety nets and American austerity economics, I felt compelled to return to the U.S. and fight for living wages, LGBTQ+ rights, universal healthcare, and more.

I've worked with Ground Game LA, was a part of successful Democratic campaigns, and played a role in Senator Bernie Sanders' Presidential campaign in 2020. Now, I'm bringing my experiences, skills, and passion to my run for Congress, focusing on progressive issues like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

Your support can help make these changes a reality.

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