How to Vote

Voting in California is super-accessible, with vote-by-mail ballots being sent directly to all active registered voters, but it’s important that you follow the instructions in order to ensure that your vote is counted correctly!

Inside your vote-by-mail parcel will be…

  • Your ballot
  • A return envelope (that must be filled out)
  • A secrecy sleeve (only in some counties)

Step 1: Fill out your ballot in blue or black ink.

Step 2: Fill out your return envelope: sign and print your name, and fill in the date and your voter registration address. Add a postmark if you’re planning to mail it.

Step 3: Return your ballot. You have four options here:

  • Mail the ballot directly to your county elections official
  • Return the ballot in person to any polling place within the state or directly to a county elections official
  • Drop the ballot at a ballot drop box anywhere in the state
  • Authorize someone to return the ballot on your behalf (if you choose this option, you need to fill out this section on the envelope)

Step 4: Track the status of your ballot, if you’d like, at

If you have any problems with your ballot, it can be replaced, no later than 7 days prior to election day. Contact your county elections official if you need a replacement or assistance.