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Progressive values mean answering to your community, not to wealthy donors and corporations. This a people-powered and people-funded campaign, with 100% of funding coming from small-dollar donations from everyday folks.

Climate Justice

The High Desert Climate presents many unique challenges in this era of rapid climate change. We must have climate justice through a Marshall Plan for the desert.

Universal Healthcare

Derek believes that healthcare is a human right. He's committed to fighting for a Medicare for All system that includes coverage for primary care, mental health, dental, vision, and more.

Education for All

It's time for a transformative change in our education system. Every child, regardless of their background, deserves a top-notch education without exceptions.

Reproductive Justice

We will fortify the foundation of reproductive rights, including turning Roe v. Wade into a federal law. Our commitment extends to access – enhancing healthcare options, promoting contraception resources, and removing funding restrictions.

Union Power

We must champion the right to unionize without fear of penalty, and unequivocally affirm that every individual deserves a wage that reflects their worth and working conditions that uphold their humanity.


In a time when our LGBTQIA+ community is facing unprecedented challenges, we must rise as fierce advocates of love, equality, and acceptance.