Our Platform

This campaign is of the people, and is 100% funded by regular, everyday folks' small dollar donations. That's because this campaign is also 100% for the people, and our platform reflects that.


We are running on a true people's platform that puts the needs of working people—from the Inland Empire and across the nation—first. When we say working people are our top priority, we mean it!

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for everyday people.

Whether it’s the acute effects of this pandemic, the lack of recovery from the Great Recession, or the longstanding and all-too-ordinary struggles working people have faced for generations, the bottom line is people are hurting—and we need real relief now.


From enacting an emergency healthcare program for all, to retroactive and recurring monthly direct payments, to rent, mortgage, and student debt forgiveness, to protections against evictions and utility shutoffs, there is so much more than we can, should, and need to be doing.

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to empower Rural America.

Coming out of the Great Depression, we enacted a New Deal to put regular people back to work rebuilding our nation and ushered in an unprecedented era of American prosperity. A lot has changed since then, however.


It’s time for another New Deal to transform our economy, combat climate change, and establish meaningful and lasting economic, social, educational, and healthcare justice. We can do all that in a way that lifts all boats and leaves no one behind.

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As we go about combating the many overlapping crises that we face, we have to ensure that good jobs for regular, everyday people are at the core of everything we do. We’re not simply going to hope that we put people back to work by enacting programs like a Green New Deal and Medicare for all—we’re going to guarantee it.


And every single job will be a good job, with living wages and full benefits. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re going to protect these gains by strengthening workers rights across the board, including the right to be part of a union, because strong organized labor has always been a key component of economic prosperity in America.

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for all.

None of us will truly be free until all of us are free, and there is no real justice unless it is felt by everyone equally. As we go about rebuilding, we must do so in a way that expands our freedoms and liberties—not just to ensure we are free to live life as we please, but to also liberate ourselves from the injustices so many still face on a daily basis.


The road to a truly free society will be paved by transformative solutions to enact and protect social, racial, economic, climate, and healthcare justice for all.

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rights & equality.

LGBTQ+ rights are human rights, and as a gay man, it concerns me to see a new wave of anti-queer, anti-trans legislation sweeping the country in a coordinated fashion. Meanwhile, inequality is growing despite the fact that social acceptance is also growing.

We can—and must—put a stop to this spread of state-sanctioned discrimination with solid federal protections that mandate equality for LGBTQ+ folks of all ages, codifying protections and pulling an intersectional understanding of queer and trans issues into legislation across the board.